Buy a Surfboard Second-Hand

Looking to pick up a new surfboard second-hand to avoid the hefty price tag of one which has just rolled off the manufacturing line?

Our Beach Beat surfing company offers a range of second-hand surfboards for sale in-store at each of our Sunshine Coast surf stores. Not available to buy online, in-store only.

All of our used surfboards for sale are in good condition and have passed a quality control assessment from our surfing specialists, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting a good quality board at great value. 

Visit a Beach Beat surf store near you in Coolum, Alexandra Headland or Caloundraor give us a call today to find out what second hand boards we have in stock at the moment. 

Buy Used Surfboards of All Types – Longboards, Shortboards & More

Why should you buy a second-hand surfboard?

With a minimum price tag typically upwards of $400, or closer to $1000 for longboards or high-quality boards, the cost of a surfboard can be a large deterrent for new surfers who just want to give surfing a try.

Buying a used surfboard second-hand however, is a great low-budget option for beginners who want to get their first board without spending all of their savings. It can also be a high-value alternative for intermediate surfers who want to get familiar with a new size or shape and aren’t too fussed about their surfboard being brand new. 

Although many people may denote the term ‘second hand’ as poor quality, the reason people sell us their used boards is because they are simply not being used. All of our second-hand boards are in good, used condition and have passed a quality control assessment by our surfboard specialists. By opting for a previously owned surfboard, you can score yourself a good surfboard at a great value price. 

buy used surfboards from Beach Beat
buy surfboard second-hand from Beach Beat

Why trust the Beach Beat surf company when buying a new surfboard?

Aside from being one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading surf stores for the past 34 years, we’ve got a wealth of experience when it comes to previously owned surfboards.

We’re not just trying to sell any old second-hand surfboard, we want to make sure our customers are happy when they are out on the water which is why all of our used surfboards are assessed for quality.

Our team of experienced staff also ensure you receive a good quality board that suits your needs by assisting you when you’re making your purchase.

Whether you’re looking for a second-hand longboard, shortboard, or any type of surfboard there’s a good chance we’ll have what you need. Visit a Beach Beat surf shop on the Sunshine Coast today to check out the second-hand boards we have in stock, plus other surfing gear and accessories.