New Surfboards for Sale

In the market for new surfboards on the Sunshine Coast? Buy a surfboard from our surf company. You can buy new surfboards online or in-store at one of our 3 surfing shops on the coast.  

Here at Beach Beat, we’ve been one of the region’s leading surfboard suppliers for over 34 years, offering a huge range of styles and shapes.

We’ve crafted tens of thousands of boards over the years, stock the top brands and offer an extensive range of services tailored to suit every surfer’s needs. Our huge range caters for every style and ability level, including longboards, high performance shortboards, min-mals, foamboards and more.

Not sure which board to buy? Our experienced and passionate team love sharing their knowledge with you to ensure your new surfboard suits you perfectly. Shop our range online, or in-store from a Beach Beat surf shop near you in Coolum, Alexandra Headland or Caloundra.

Unsure what new surfboard would be best for your level of surfing ability? Feel free to contact our helpful team for assistance when choosing a surfboard for sale. You can count on our qualified advice as our surf shop staff across all our Sunshine Coast locations are avid surfers themselves, heck, some are even pro surfers. 

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What size new surfboard should I buy?

Higher volume boards are a little easier to use due to their stable, wider platform and higher buoyancy. This makes them easier to paddle with and a great option for beginners. Lower volume boards on the other hand offer more control and precision as you can turn faster. However, they are less stable and can be more difficult to catch waves, making them a better option for experienced or younger surfers.

When it comes to choosing a surfboard, there are a few different factors that need to be considered, such as your age, experience, height and weight. Fundamentally, the taller and heavier the individual is, the larger the board will need to be to ensure the user has enough floatability and is able to catch waves easily.

The most common type of surfboards you will come across are:

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new surfboards for sale sunshine coast from beach beat


As their name suggests, these boards are short in size and often used by pro surfers for high performance and to manoeuvre across waves with speed, power and control. Generally, most modern shortboards are shorter than 7 feet, have thinner rails and an upturned nose.

2. Longboards

As the name suggests, longboards are long in length (often above 9ft) and have a wide, thick base which makes them easier to paddle, stand up and catch waves on.

3. Mini-Mal

A mini-mal is a great mid-sized surfboard which is well-suited for beginners. They are essentially a shorter version of a longboard; featuring the same wide shape and low nose for easy paddling, however are shorter in size which gives them more manoeuvrability and control making them a universal board for most wave types

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4. Funboards

Funboards are short in size and feature a wider and thicker shape compared to shortboards. This gives them a higher volume, making it easier to paddle and catch waves compared to a shortboard and a great option for those transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard.

5. Fish 

Fish boards are short in size and feature a fish-like tail profile. They are typically wider and thicker than a shortboard, making them more stable, easier to paddle and a great option for small – medium waves.