SurfBoard Repairs

If you’re in need of surfboard repairs on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than Beach Beat. Our skilful board shapers have years of experience when it comes to shaping and repairing surfboards, so you can rest assured that your surfboard will be in good hands.

Bring your damaged surfboard into any of our 3 surf stores in Coolum, Alexandra Headland or Caloundra and our specialists will work their magic to ensure your board is back in top-shape and ready to take back out onto the water.

We can repair damage to shortboards, longboards and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) in polyester and epoxy materials.

If your board is majorly damaged and un-repairable, our board repair specialists may suggest looking at buying a new surfboard instead, however they’ll first need to assess the damage first-hand at one of our surfboard repair shops on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Surf Company provides Major Board Repairs & Surfboard Ding Repairs across Sunshine Coast

Types of surfboard repair

Ding repairs: One of our most common types of surfboard repairs are ding repairs. When you drop your surfboard, travel around with it unprotected, or your board runs over some rocks in the surf, you’re likely to cop a few dings, chips or cracks in your board. Not to worry! Our surfboard ding repair Sunshine Coast specialists are able to repair these types of damages using a method of sanding the damage, re-filling the holes/cracks and finally polishing and repainting the board.

Fin plug repairs: If your board bottoms out and your fins catch on a bank or some rocks, a common issue is that your fins will rip out and leave damage to your fin plugs. In this case, we’ll need to remove the fin plug, sand the hole down, and re-attach the fin plug using a e-poxy solution. 

Surfboard nose repair: Similarly, to a surfboard ding repair, repairing a badly damaged surfboard nose involves a method of sanding back the damage, refilling the damage with a filler solution and further sanding and refining for the final product. 

How to avoid damaging your surfboard

Surfboards can be expensive to replace or repair, so to avoid unnecessary expenses we always recommend taking extra care of your surfboard in and out of the water. 

To avoid dinging your board out of the water, we recommend keeping your surfboard in a high-quality surfboard cover at all times. Although a ‘surfboard sock’ may protect your board from the elements, they generally don’t include any padding or walls to protect your board from dings, which is why you may want to consider purchasing a heavy-duty cover.  

custom new surfboard getting made

Surfing Safety Advice

Before heading into the surf, make sure you check the tide and have a good understanding of the break you are surfing. Unexpected rocks or shallow banks are often the cause of surfboard damage.

When you’re in the water, avoid dropping in on other surfers who are surfing a wave. This is a universal rule of surfing which, if not adhered to, can lead to damage to both surfers’ boards.