Firewire FRK Plus



The FRK Plus is a classic squash tail, high performance shortboard, refined and calibrated over the past three years with Kelly, Brodi, Betty Lou, and others.

This new squash version of the FRK is meant to be ridden slightly shorter than the original FRK round tail. It has all the original on-wave benefits of the original FRK with a touch more release through turns that comes from the squash tail and minor adjustments to how the concaves and fin placements relate to the increased surface area of the squash when compared to a round tail.

The feedback on this shape has been that it has a super quick rail to rail responsiveness mixed with extremely good drive and release: Most intermediate and above surfers will appreciate the FRK Plus for the way this shape gets out of your way to the point that you don’t even notice it’s there – it feels like the most high performance expression of your intentions possible.

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5'10" -sn0469808, 5'10" -sn1469582, 5'10" -sn4469689, 5'11" -sn4469651, 5'11" -sn5469783, 5'11" -sn7469777, 5'8" -sn1473268, 5'9" -sn0469827, 5'9" -sn2469690, 5'9" -sn8469692, 6'0" -sn6469650, 6'0" -sn6469773, 6'0" -sn7469763, 6'1" -sn7469621, 6'1" -sn8469753, 6'2" -sn5469721, 6'2" -sn9469601, 6'4" -sn3469717, 6'4" -sn8469593





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