Thunderbolt Moe

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“When I started out designing the MOE mid-length range I wanted to have an easy ride and good paddling, while keeping good stability and support. The bottom is pretty flat with a double concave between your feet, a really good combination for carving turns in a wide board. Rails are not too thick, for sensitivity, and they transition from neutral round forward through round tucked edge to the fin area and low hard behind the fins. The rails are foiled from forward of center toward the tail, for drive through turns and good travel around white water sections. The rocker is pretty even like the HIHP and a 5fin FCS II setup makes this a great fun board / one quiver board for traveling in fun wave areas.”


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7'2 FCS Blue -sn2117408, 7'2 FCS Blue -sn2208611, 7'2 FCS Green -sn2206680, 7'2" -sn2211781, 7'2" Green -sn2117432, 7'2" Green -sn2210002, 7'2" White -sn2211790, 7'4 -sn2117455, 7'4 Blue -sn2117455, 7'4 FCS Blue -sn2206683, 7'4 FCS Green -sn2112302, 7'4 FCS White -sn2206687, 7'4 FCS White -sn2206688, 7'4" -sn2111319, 7'4" -sn2211816, 7'4" Blue -sn2210024, 7'4" Blue -sn2210999, 7'4" Green -sn2202801, 7'4" White -sn2211811, 8'0 FCS Blue -sn2206689, 8'0 FCS Green -sn2117474, 8'0 FCS Green -sn2206691, 8'0 FCS White -sn2202804, 8'0" Blue -sn2211821, 8'0" White -sn2208938, 8'0" White -sn2208942


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