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The latest and greatest in our long line of world class all-rounders, the Schooner is a high-volume performance board. Why did Mikey want to call it the Schooner? The wide point has been pushed forward, so more of the foam is at the top… Like a beer. Mikey loves beer and so do we, but the science doesn’t stop there. Like any good beverage you don’t want it too flat either – this is a performance-oriented sled after all.

A medium curve, close to the Monsta rocker, prevents catching in critical parts of the wave, and provides the ideal balance between generating speed and maintaining control during explosive manoeuvres. This is complemented by a fuller outline, close to the Raging Bull, with a similar foil maintaining thickness in the middle, but relatively low rails. Just like our EasyRider range, this lets you ride a thicker board than usual (approx. 1/8”). Aim for slightly over your regular volume, but an inch shorter than standard shortboards. So for example, if your regular Monsta is 6’0” x 18 3/4” x 2 5/16” x 27.5L, then your Schooner will be 5’11” x 18 7/8” x 2 1/2 x 28.7L.

Mikey’s done his favourite R&D in Aussie slabs, running point breaks, and heavy tubes all throughout Europe. Julian’s ridden the Schooner in some of the biggest & best quality waves of the year around home, then also used the same board to throw huge airs when it’s three foot. Conner surfed the Schooner in a variety of dimensions throughout the Hawaiian winter, from the smallest days of the season to solid Sunset – packing all the volume of a regular 6’4” into a 6’2”. And to top it off, Kauli claimed his latest batch of Schooners to be the best board ever for getting barrelled at Teahupo’o.

The Schooner is built to excel in a huge variety of waves, from head high to as big as you want to take it.

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5'10" 27.4L FCS II -sn658869, 5'11 28.7L FCS -sn656618, 5'11" 28.7L FCS -sn734110, 5'6" 22.3L FCS -sn640120, 5'9" 26.0L FCS II -sn641633, 6'0" 30.0L FCS -sn734111, 6'0" 30.0L FCS II -sn658878, 6'1" 31.7L FCS -sn734112, 6'1" 31.7L FCS II -sn658884, 6'2" 32.9L FCS -sn734113, 6'2" 32.9L FCS II -sn648302, 6'3" 34.6L FCS II -sn655782, 6'4" 36.2L -sn649028, 6'6" 38.5L FCS II -sn655790


JS Industries

JS Industries


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